Anonymous: I have been getting worse I wake up sad everyday and cry multiple times a day without any explanation besides "i'm just so sad." & the suicidal thoughts have been increasing.

Can you tell some love? You deserve to feel better and not have these thoughts. You deserve happiness. Please tell someone, maybe think about going and seeing your doctor. 

All my love and support,


Anonymous: What's a good way to hide scars without long sleeves

Bracelets and sweatbands could help.

But the very best way is to not have any scars to hide at all.  I know you can get better honey, and feel better. There are better coping methods than cutting.

Look through those, dear? You can get through this.

All my love and support,


Anonymous: So I want help and my parents know what's going on but my mom won't tell anyone because she thinks someone will take me away and say its because she is a bad parent or I will get locked up And never see them again what do I do

Love, that wont happen, and you need to know that and she does too. Mental illness isn’t abuse. It can happen to your child even if you are the best parent in the world. 

The worst that could happen is they decide you are too much of a risk to yourself or others, and you have to stay at a hospital for a while. But people will be able to visit you after a while, and it wont be for forever.

We don’t live in those times anymore.

But you do need help. and you can get it. If she won’t get you the help you need, then please talk to a doctor or school counselour, love. You can feel better.


Anonymous: I really love my mom, and I know she would be sad if I died, but I can't take it anymore. I can't handle all the stress, and pain, and I just want to die. I've tried to kill myself several times, and I self harm everyday. I can't stop, and I feel like I'm about to kill myself. I don't know what I'm supposed to do in this situation. Should I go to the hospital? Are mental hospitals awful? Do they help at all? What else can I do? I really think I might kill myself, and I don't know what to do.

Love, I know this was five months ago, and I feel so very badly that we were unable to get to it sooner, however, I really hope you are still here with us, and that you are feeling better about life and you have found a reason to hold on and live. 

Life is worth living. You just have to make it through, a minute at a time, an hour at a time, a day at a time. Because there is the sky, trees, flowers, a future, to live for.

If you, or anyone else is feeling this way, please go to the hospital. It can get better. Some mental hospitals are okay, some are not the best. But if you fight to get better, well, the opportunities can be endless.


Anonymous: So I think that I have a mental illness but I can't bring myself to ask my mom to have me checked, what if she doesn't believe me or thinks it's for attention?! What should I do?

There is a lot of what ifs. You can’t know her reaction, and its likely to be a lot different from what you expect. But one way to help with the ‘what ifs’ and how to deal with them is to a) tell yourself the worst case scenario. The very worst one you can come up with. b) Tell yourself the very best case scenario.  and c) tell yourself what the most likely thing to happen is. 

You need to tell her honey. No matter how hard, and no matter what you think her reaction will be. You need to tell her for you, because you need to tell someone. You don’t need to hold this all inside. 


Anonymous: Can stress cause you to hear voices?

Hearing voices can be caused by extreme fatigue and exhaustion, mental illness, or some physical illnesses.

How often has this been occurring my love? Can you distinguish the voices from reality? 

I would suggest going in to your doctor and telling them about the voices you have been hearing, especially if you cant distinguish these voices from reality.


Anonymous: Dissociation isn't just a sign of DID; DID is the extreme of dissociation. Dissociation is common in many different disorders from personality disorders to anxiety.

Yes, I did say that it can be signs of other things. But it could, depending on the severity be a sign of DID. I can’t determine how severe their dissociation I was just suggesting different possibilities. They need to go into the doctor or to a therapist.