Anonymous: I want to be hospitalized - I don't actually know what I have but I everyday there's a time when's I can't stop screaming, I hear whispers, I can't go to class anyone because I'll have a panic/anxiety attack and school gives aged attacks nevertheless, and I'm feeling suicidal and homicidal. Should I admit myself to the hospital. I'm in uk so yeah. I've told my parents and they're against the idea because they think I'll be locked away

Being hospitalized isn’t as bad as they make it out to be. But you can’t go to a hospital and say “I need to be hospitalized”. Start with going to your GP (doctor) and talk to them first. See what they say :)

Well okay, it seems you guys do care, which is awesome. Remember the ask section is always open, please remember to try do your own research before asking something that takes two seconds to type into google. We love you all x

It seems no one particularly cares for this blog to be active any longer. If you do, please like this post, I don’t want to waste my time on here if no one is bothering to listen.

Anonymous: "Going out somewhere and feeling scared for your life because you feel like someone will kidnap you, rape you, or kill you" Wait, you mean this isn't an usual feeling for everyone?

Whenever I go out I have that same fear. And I know quite a few people who have the same thing. It’s not common to be fearful because it is something we’re taught to have as kids. So I wouldn’t even suggest it as a mental illness.

Anonymous: What do I do if nobody in my family believes me when I tell them I have anxiety and it makes me panic all the time and makes me cry?

Go to a doctor and get help

Anonymous: I get really frustrated and stressed a lot, I have cut in the past but I am trying to stop I never cut too deep, I have suicidal thoughts pretty much throughout everyday!!&im starting to let my social anxiety take over! I have no idea what to do anymore? I just don't wanna be here.

The best thing you can do is throw out whatever you use to self harm and go to a professional. Whether that’s your GP, a therapist or even a school based nurse. Get some help, it’s okay to say you need help. I hope you get better darling
X Sinea

Anonymous: (I am the person who you said probably had manic depression or bipolar) Just wanted to let you know since you said that my mom started to take me to therapy and I told the doctor about my mood swings though I said no when they asked if I was suicidal and thought of harming myself because I did not want them to tell my parents. Anyway today (my 6th session) she gave my mom a name of a doctor that could evaluate me and see if I should go on medication. Just wanted to say thanks :)

I am so very glad you’re getting some help, I am so proud of you! <3

I’m so sorry we’ve been missing for so long! 
But we’re doing our best to come back here. 
Please contact us if you need help 

x sinea

Anonymous: Hi I am the same person who asked you this (I get angry very easily and I go through periods of depression quite alot. I cut myself, but not too deep. Why do I have these mood swings?) What I meant by mood swings is I have euphoric moments too. Also I find myself laughing at inappropriate times and sometimes when something funny happens and everyone laughs but stops I find it really hard to stop.

Definitely sounds like manic depression (bipolar disorder). My suggestion would be to go see your local GP and get a referral to see a psychiatrist where you can get properly diagnosed.

-Tayla x

Anonymous: This is a small reminder that i love all of you. Admins and followers, and not-followers. I wanna hug all of you and i hope you're having a fantastic day. You, whoever reads it, deserve it. Just trust me. You do, every one of you lovely people.

Well aren’t you just the sweetest thing? We love you too beautiful!!